Muzicnet Online is an offspring of Muzicnet School of Music based in the Chicagoland area. Twin brothers, Alan and Aaron Franklin founded Muzicnet in 1995. Since then, Muzicnet has taught thousands of students, young and old from various backgrounds. Many have become professional musicians, singers, instructors, band directors, producers and songwriters. Some have become famous music celebrities!

Muzicnet Online:

  • Is for beginner through advanced learners. We are loved for our step-by-step, easy to understand approach to teaching challenging music concepts. Learn phat chords, licks, runs, beats and improvisation from thoroughly explained teaching.
  • Provides you with ear training. You will gain a clear understanding of the number system. This paves the way to unlock your ear, allowing you to hear the key of a song and the secrets to hearing music patterns and chord progressions. A few patterns and chord progressions can allow you to play thousands of songs.
  • Has a growing repertoire of songs which gives step-by-step, easy to follow instructions on how to play them. Practically all the songs offer various levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced versions.
  • Includes instrument and vocal training by ear and by note reading.
  • Teaches music theory in a way that’s practical and applicable to everyday playing and singing.
  • Includes a Call Center for you to reach a live person with questions you may have.

Our live, interactive private video lessons allow students to be taught by a qualified, patient instructor. Whether it’s occasionally (to learn a song or music concept) or weekly lessons!