MuzicNet School of Music was founded by Alan Franklin and Aaron Franklin in 1995.

Since then, MuzicNet has helped over a thousand churches with developing a music department, training students on musical instruments, finding musicians and teaching biblical truths about worship and music.

We’re in daily contact with pastors and music directors; helping them with the challenges they face related to music. Aaron and I are pastor’s kids and we’ve experienced the struggles and successes of helping our parents start and grow a church (founded in 1972). My parents had twelve children and since our pre-teen years, we were the choir and band. Fast forward decades later, we’re part of large ministries with thousands of members and highly skilled musicians. However, our hearts go out because we know the musical challenges of smaller churches as well as larger churches.

Our mission: “We’re a network of professional musicians and music educators, committed to instructing musicians, equipping churches, serving communities and restoring integrity to the arts – globally.”